//  Origin:  Los Angeles, CA
//  Genres:  Indie Pop, Dark Pop, R&B
//  Years Active:  2012 - Present
//  Label:  Unique Records Music
//  Website:  ThisIsAmaraMusic.com
//  Social Media: @this.is.amara.music
Short Bio

With musical influences across every genre, Amara’s songwriting style has an eclectic sound that is as diverse as her multicultural background. While writing her debut album, Amara gravitated toward minor chord progressions and melodies with darker tones. Having been through her share of ups and downs in life, she reflects on her personal encounters with loss, heartache and a struggling state of mind. She finds peace when writing about her darker side, allowing her to acknowledge and move past her struggles. Amara refers to music as the best form of therapy, and hopes her music will resonate with listeners.